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We regularly receive calls to people’s homes and perform anything from re-entry to key duplication, see more of our services below!

High-Security Locks and Keyless Entry

Most homeowners don’t realise that their locks are the weakest part of their door. Find out how you can fix this quickly with anti-snap locks.

Home Lockout Fresh Installation Deadbolt

Many homeowners and tenants don’t understand where their security holes are, J W Locksmiths will complete security assessments to ensure 

Lock Replacement

 Numerous things will wear a lock to nothing. Environmental effects from water, rain, debris, and dirt; to the persistent grating of the key against the grain of the lock over time. 

Mailbox Locks

Everyone with a home has a mailbox. When you have a mailbox, and when you are buying from places like Amazon with increased frequency, you need to ensure you have a secured mailbox.

Lock Installation

If you are like many Americans, you don’t know how many people have owned the locks to your home, have previous keys to your personal belongings and more.

Peephole Installation

 Most people will have a doorknocker and peephole set up for their home. If you don’t have a peephole, there is a subtle underlying fear that happens every time you open the door.

Lock Change

If you are like most people in Manchester, you are either moving into a flat or a house with old locks that were used by the previous tenants.

Unlock Safes

If you are locked out of your safe, then chances are you are missing out on a valuable opportunity to receive your belongings.

Blind Deadbolt


While you might be familiar with the conventional deadbolts of a simple latch that shoots the small pole into your door frame, deadbolts have evolved.

Gate Locks

Are you currently working with a gate that isn’t properly secured? You are running the risk of having your security compromised.

Unlock Doors

A Non-Emergency lockout is when you are denied access to a building or room in your home and don’t need to get there urgently.

Lock Repair


Over time, every lock and key will break down and you will need to repair or get a new one.

Repair Locks

Keeping your home safe and secure is what we do best. If you need your locks changed, keys duplicated, access to your home after you locked your keys inside, we will secure you in your home!

Rekey Locks

As more and more people are switching homes and establishments on a regular basis, be sure to try rekeying your locks on the regular.

Patio Door Locks

Do you have a patio door? Chances are you do. But is your patio door secured? If not, then you are risking a serious problem.

House Lockout

If you are like most people in Manchester then at some point in time you are going to end up being locked out of your house and not sure what to do.

Combination Keypad Locks

Combination keypad locks are a locking system that requires a keypad instead of a conventional key.

Lock Key Services


Many businesses and homes need lock and key services. At any given time you run the risk of breaking a key and ruining your ability to access your home.

Door Knocker Installation

Door knockers are some of the most popular accessories to go on many people’s doors.

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Your home is the most important place in the world. You invest the majority of your income to ensure that you have a safe place to rest your head at night.
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There are countless reasons to call a locksmith to visit your home. Security assessments, key extraction, key duplication and much more are all available for you right now.

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